Visceral originated from the idea that brand marketing can be an incredible growth driver for business.

We believe in brand communications that elicit emotional response while driving desired consumer behavior. To us, it is not enough to simply define or evolve our client’s marketing. Instead, we partner closely with them to deeply understand their business challenges and goals. Subsequently, we work with senior leadership from the inside out to develop a full suite of brand marketing tools that solve issues and empower transformational growth. Our small, independent structure allows us to have partner-like focus on our client’s objectives, while being able to quickly and effectively scale through our network of collaborative freelancers.


In the end, we are both creatives and entrepreneurs–and strive to create beautiful solutions that create real, measurable business results. We’re motivated by what’s powerful, inspirational, and sometimes even uncomfortable. We strive to challenge ourselves, our clients, the status quo–and do work we’re exceptionally proud of.

Who We Are

Nathan Shriver

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Nathan Shriver leads Visceral as Founder and CCO. He works internally and externally with clients to deliver on the promise of transformational growth via brand strategy, marketing consulting, and creative services.


Prior to the founding of Visceral, Nathan led marketing at automotive technology firm Derive Systems as Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for all brand, channel, and direct marketing, as well as customer acquisition and retention for Derive System’s wholly owned B-B and B-C brands of SCT, Bully Dog, Derive Efficiency, and Derive.


Prior to Derive, Nathan was Head of Marketing for Pebble, the Kickstarter sensation in smartwatches, where he led the launch of three pioneering wearables, including Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, and Pebble Time Round. Nathan and his team defined the brand, channel and direct marketing strategy for Pebble, including direct to consumer e-commerce, digital advertising, and retail point-of-sale experience.


Earlier in his career, Nathan spent 13 years in various roles for Under Armour, Inc., an NYSE-traded performance apparel and footwear brand. As an early teammate in marketing and creative disciplines, Nathan helped to develop the early visual identity for the brand, as well as several marketing campaigns including “Protect This House”, “Click Clack”, and “I WILL”, among others. During his tenure at UA, Nathan also helped to develop the US e-commerce business unit–and its associated digital marketing strategy–as well as the creation of a Team Sports/B-B e-commerce business unit.


Lastly while at UA, Nathan led marketing and creative direction of UA Digital Sport, a business unit founded to concentrate on fitness-focused wearable biometric devices, which culminated in the acquisition of MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, and Endomondo, and was converted to UA Record in 2015.

John Marsh

Brand Strategist, B-B/B-C Client Consultant

For over 20 years, John has brought critical thinking, planning and innovative execution to national marketing and advertising campaigns. As a brand strategist and B2B/B2C client consultant, John works with teams of innovators that brings successful creative solutions to life. John believes that good ideas always win and numbers don’t lie. He has worked with clients including Toyota, JX Nippon, Constellation Energy, the U.S. State Department, Under Armour, JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, and Snyders of Hanover.

Amber Shriver

VP, Creative & User Experience

Amber is a rare breed, blending superior design aesthetic with practical user experience and development abilities. She is among the few who can single-handedly take a concept from design to execution, with best-in-class standards on usability and mark-up in tow. As Creative & UX Director at Visceral, she helps to ensure that concepts are not only beautiful, but usable, functionally valuable, and conforming to standards and business requirements. With over 14 years experience with both agencies and in-house at national brands, she uniquely understands how digital initiatives and resources can affect a client’s business performance.


Prior to Visceral, Amber worked in various capacities in-house with Maine Cottage, designing and developing the storied furniture brand’s e-commerce and brand initiatives. Considered an extremely challenging vertical to sell online, Amber combined brand inspiration with powerful customization & visualization tools to capture customers’ hearts–and share of wallet.


In years preceding, Amber worked as Interactive Design Director for FastSpot, a digital agency. She has experienced numerous successes with clients such as Alex Cooper, Stanley Black & Decker, EMI, Eyemaginations, McCormick & Co., Under Armour, Venable LLP, Discovery Communications, Johns Hopkins, MICA, The Cooper Hewitt, American Beverage Association, MilkPep, and The National Aquarium.

As senior consultants to our business, Visceral were able to take our product capabilities and differentiators and articulate them in a way that was powerful and succinct. They did an incredible job of working with the different personalities within our company and ensuring everyone’s voice was heard. More importantly, the deliverable was produced on time and the end result was well above our expectations.

Marco Marini

Founder, iPost

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